Canwin Lock Laces: Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On

  • Imagine not having to tie your favorite shoes ever again. Canwin Lock Laces® give you the ability to turn any shoe into a slip-on shoe. Don't believe it? Here's how it works.

      • Reflective & Never come undone: Say goodbye to undone laces, no more worries if laces coming undone. Much safer at night.
      • Easy to use: No more double knots and no more having to tie up your shoelaces. With the no tie elastic lace, one-handed operation is also very useful.
      • Easy to adjust: Press, pull, release. The elastic lace system's ergonomic design & sliding toggle helps you adjust for the perfect fit quickly and easily.
      • Great for saving time: Taking only minutes to fit which makes leaving the house with you kids for school or getting out walking the dogs faster and easier.
      • Perfect fit: It makes by trainers more comfortable, due the flexibility of the laces, whilst providing secure fitting. The laces are nice and stretchy, making it easy to get the foot in the shoe.
      • Available in the following Colours 
    • Neon Yellow
    • Neon Pink
    • Neon Green
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Lock Laces Instructions - How to Install your Lock Laces - YouTube

1000 - Lock Laces

  • 11.00€

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